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Landlord/Tenant Proceedings in New York
    1-RPL 235-b -The Right to a Livable Home

      Tenants have rights to live in a safe home that is apt for humans to reside.

    2-MRL 174 and MRL 78.80 -Right to Repair and Right to Local Cleanliness

       Landlords must provide insect free, rodent free and clean residential units in buildings of three or more units. Tenants are subject to  
       penalties if they or their visitors cause violations or intentionally neglect their units.

    3-MDL 75 -Right to Hot Water

       Landlords must provide hot water 24 hours a day, all year.

    4-MDL 79 and MRL 173 -Right to Heat

        Landlords must provide heat to keep the residential units with temperatures of 68 F if outside temperature is less than 55 F between  
       06:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m., and they must keep the temperature for at least 55 F  between 10:00 p.m-06:00 a.m. when outside temperature
    is 40F, during the period of October 1 to May 31.

    5-RPAPL 755 -Right to postpone payments until repairs are made, if a the court ordered said repairs.

       Tenants have the right to deposit rent payment in court until the landlord performs court ordered repairs.

    6-143-b -Department of Social Service's Right to Withhold Payment and to Defend Tenants in Court

       The Department of Social Services may withhold rent payment if the property has outstanding violations or if the tenant's life or health
       are in danger. Landlord may not have right to collect rent payment during the period violations existed if said violations were reported to
    the DSS.

    7-MDL 302-1 and MRL 305-1 -Right to Get Rent Reduced If There Are Serious Violations

       If after six months, the landlord has not corrected a serious violation, the landlord has no right to collect rent payment. Rent payments
       may be deposited in court.

    8-MDL 68 and MDL 15 -Smoke Detector

        All multiple unit properties must have smoke detectors.

    9-RPL 233-b  Retaliation by Landlord

       No landlord may terminate a lease agreement as retribution against a tenant who has filed a complaint regarding living condition or
       building violations.

    10-RPL 230 -Right to Form Tenants Association

       Landlords may not interfere with tenants' rights to form groups or organizations for the protection of tenants right.

    11- RPL 223-a Right to Tenancy After Lease Is Signed.

       Unless expressly agreed otherwise, the landlord will provide the tenant with the rented unit upon signing the lease agreement.

    12-RPL-235- Right to Privacy

       Tenants have the right to privacy in their apartments. Failure to comply with tenant's right to privacy  constitutes a criminal violation.

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