You should start a non-payment case when you want to get the rent from a tenant. If the tenant pays the money, the tenant can stay in the
apartment. If the tenant does not pay, you may be able to evict the tenant. Remember , it is illegal to evict a tenant or roommate without coming
to court after he or she has lived in the apartment for 30 days.


You or someone working for you, must demand the overdue rent from the tenant and warn the tenant that if the rent is not paid, the tenant can
be evicted. You can tell the tenant this in person or in writing. However, if the lease requires this kind of demand be given in writing, then it must
be in writing.
Remember , you should serve copies, never serve the original forms.

BUY the following Blumberg legal forms in a legal stationary store or only BUY B119 (3-Day or 5-Day notice) and fill out the other forms                 
online for free if eligible. To find out more information, visit: or the Do-It-Yourself forms
provided by the New York City Housing Court at

A.       B119 (3-Day or 5-Day notice):check lease for which time period is required. If there is no lease, a 3-day notice is proper.

B.      T206D (Petition)

C.      T207D (Notice of Petition)

D.      T216  (Postcard)

STEP 1:   Demand the Rent

A.      Fill out form B119 which says to the tenant: "If you do not pay the rent that you owe within 3 (or 5) days, you will be brought to court"

B.      Make photocopies of the completed B119. You are going to have a friend or a process server give the copies to the tenant.

C.     If you did not use a professional process server, your friend who gave the tenant the B119 notice must fill out the affidavit of service on the
back of the original B119 form. The purpose of the affidavit is to prove that the server actually gave the court paper to the tenant. The server is
swearing to the fact that he or she gave the paper to the tenant. The server must sign at the bottom and have the form
NOTARIZED. After the
copy of B119 has been delivered and the affidavit is complete, you will keep the original form until the 3 (or 5) day period is over.

STEP 2:   Start the Case if the Tenant Has Not Paid the Rent

A.        If the tenant has not paid after the 3 (or 5) day period is over, fill out forms T206D, T207D and T216. T206D must be SIGNED  and    
NOTARIZED. Make a copy of the completed T206 before you bring it to court.

B.       Bring all the forms, including the original Rent Demand (B119), to the cashier's window where you will pay $45.00 to buy an index
number. You can pay by cash, certified check or money order made out to the Clerk of the Civil Court.

C.      The Clerk will give you back the original Notice of Petition (T207D) with Index Number stamped on it. Make a copy of the
numbered Notice of Petition (T207D), put that copy together with the copies of the Petition (T206D), Rent Demand
(B119) and Affidavit of Service, and have a process server serve the tenant with the copies.   

D.      Bring the original Notice of Petition form (T207D), together with the notarized Affidavit of Service filled out by your server back to
court                       within three (3) days of service. In addition, you will need to bring the postcard(s)
with postage so that the court can mail it to
the tenant.

E.      If the tenant answers, you should receive a postcard from the court stating the date, time and place of the hearing. If the tenant does not
answer the Notice of Petition in court within five days from the date that service is complete, you may request that the court enter a
default judgment against the tenant for Failure to Answer. Call a City Marshal and give your request for judgment to the Marshal. You will
also need to complete a Non-Military Affidavit (Blumberg form T196). The Marshal will request a warrant of eviction from court.

F.       Be sure to keep copies of all papers filed in court.

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