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About New York Process Service

We are a duly registered legal process servers by the City of New York. We provide
service  for small businesses, government agencies, United States law firms, solo
attorneys and the general public in the areas of  civil service of process, document
retrieval, landlord cases process serving, New York Family court petitions and legal
courier services. We focus only on civil litigation, not criminal cases.

We offer guaranteed results or you do not pay (See our Terms and Conditions) if your
provide a good address for us to effect service and you do not require documentation
in case service is not effected. We provide rush delivery services for all your legal
documents and you can verify whether said documents  were received or not by
calling our office or our process servers in New York City. Also email, phone or fax
confirmations are also provided  at no charge.

Our New York process servers will help you because:

  • You will obtain quality , hassle-free guaranteed New York process service,
    Queens process service, Bronx process service and Brooklyn process

  • As a duly registered process server licensed by The City of New York  (New
    York Process Server License No. 2067123) to effect service of process in
    NYC, we are committed to providing professional process service in New

Superior Guaranteed Services  From Professional Licensed Process Servers.

Ours is a team comprised of  NY licensed process servers and administrative
assistants with public service experience, business and computer management and
multiple language proficiency who can guarantee results. All it takes you is to give us
a call, fax your request or make your service order on this site to get your papers
served by a professional NY  process server. We  accept Visa, MasterCard, Amercian
Express, debit cards and PayPal.

Also we are your best solution to save on litigation costs.

Just consider the cost and inconvenience of hiring in-house staff to do your legal
extra work:  typists, process servers, translators, messengers, investigators...
You could save big by just focusing on litigation and delegating some of those
tasks to a licensed process sever who will charge less.

Contact Information:
New York Process Service.
54 Bristol Street, Suite 7F
Brooklyn, New York 11212

Fax: 347-295-0244

Email address:
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New York Process Service
Tel 718-277-2968
Fax 347-295-0244
Process Servers for New York City:
Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Bronx.
Tel.: 718-277-2968             Fax: 347-295-0244
Tel.: 718-345-0244
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Licensed and bonded process servers for The City of New York. Official Process Server License # 2067123
New York City Process Server Lic. # 2067123.
New York City Process Server Lic. # 2067123.