New York City Process Server # 1223225
New York City Process Server # 1223225.
New York City Process Servers for Law Firms   
Many New York and Out-of-State Legal
Professionals Have Chosen  Us for NY
Process Service Because:
    We have been in the business of
    process serving in New York for many
    years doing exactly the same job for lots
    of satisfied legal firms who trust us.
    Our rates for attorneys and legal firms
    are considerably lower than  other New
    York process servers. Guaranteed. Most
    process service  jobs in New York City
    will cost you only $65.00 per defendant
    We always provide  professional  
    process service in NY, which includes
    free affidavits of service.
    We give you detailed statements, which
    explain your charges one by one.
We are the only process servers who
service of process in New do
not have to document our service
    We accept payment by check, credit card
    Google Checkout, PayPal or cash without
    charging any additional fees. You choose
    your payment option.
Our NY Process Serving Is Different Because:
    Your  court papers are only served by our New York  licensed process servers, not a "guy" , not a
    "secretary", not an "assistant" or a "friend"..
    We always charge less than all other New York process service companies for exactly the same
    services, guaranteed..
    We effect service of process professionally  and responsibly   respecting all New York laws and
    our clients' and all respondents' rights and privacy. We do not use illegal tricks to effect service.
    We protect your privacy and security by keeping your court papers and information safely stored.
    After two years, all your paper records with us are destroyed and deleted unless you expressly
    request in writing that we do not get rid of your records.
    We charge only if process service is effected (If you provided a correct NY address) and we
    never charge for repeat attempts (If you provided a correct NY address).
    We always charge attorneys a Flat Fee of $75 for most New York process service jobs
    effected in New York City within 2 to 5 business days.
Guaranteed Service of Process in New York City or Your Money Back*
* If you provide Respondent's correct address we will issue a full  refund if we fail to effect service on recipient.
Copyright 2001-2012 SSJD, Inc..
NY process server serving papers
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New York Process Servers for Attorneys.
You should count on us because:

  •   In New York City you must only use licensed process servers.
We are licensed process servers and bonded process servers. We comply with the
latest rules of the New York City Department of Consumers Affairs which require a GPS
electronic device, third party record keeping and surety bond insurance.

  •    If you have a case to be heard in  New York City, you only have to pay  $75.00
in most instances, if legal process service is to be effected  in Queens, Brooklyn,  New
York County and Bronx .(Service of process is effected within 2-5 business days).

  •   Thousands of attorneys have used our services in United States.

  •    Your papers served or your money back. Your papers will be served in New
York  with that simple service guarantee. If we do not effect service of process, your
payment will be refunded in full if  you do not need documentation regarding our
attempts to serve process. To get a refund you must make your request within 60 days
from the date you made payment.  
Refunds are rarely given because our clients get
results about 99% of the times they request process service. We do not need to say it:
Happy clients = zero refunds. We love happy clients.

  •  Now you can focus on what matters most:  Litigation. By allowing us to handle
part of your back-office operations you get the freedom to focus on what matters most:  
Litigation.  So leave field work (court filing and process serving) to us, professionals
who will save you
both time and money.

Whether or not you need a  licensed process server or
are looking to spend less time and money on New York service of process, we can be
your affordable process serving solution for New York County, Brooklyn, Queens and
the Bronx.

As a
successful attorney  you must delegate service of process to licensed process
servers because  it  is the most practical approach when parties have to be served and
you do not want to take risks. Of course, if you are a risk taker you can always ask your
secretary, your uncle or your neighbor to effect service of process on your behalf. If your
case gets delayed or dismissed because of inproper service.

Are you a
successful attorney?

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                                                     Attorneys With Accounts in Good Standing.
    We are no longer offering to open accounts for attorneys unless you have used our services for three years continuously. However all the
    attorneys listed below have active, open accounts in good standing and are eligible to get discounted process service fees for attorneys.
    They do not need to prepay for service.
    All attorneys not listed in this table MUST PAY BEFORE BEFORE SERVICE IS EFFECTED.
    Continental Court Reporters
    Cumberland County Child Support Office
    Law Office of Philip Berwish, Esq.
    Law Offices of Edna I. Robles, Esq.
    Law Offices of Edward B. Geller, Esq.
    Law Ofices of Flora Edwards, Esq.
    Law Offices of Joseph Yau, Esq.
    Law Offices of Robert Taichman, Esq.
    Law Offices of Rosa M. Celeste, Esq.
    Niagara County Dept. of Social Services
    Parlanti & Cooperman, LLP
    Premier Process, Inc
    Simon, Monahan and Simon LLC
    TJA Realty LLC
    Law Office of Robert Halpern, Esq,
    The above businesses and law firms are entitled to discounted process service fees and they do not need to pay in advance for service
    of process. To get an account you must use our service of process for three straight years and send a request to us asking us to open an
    account for your business or law firm.
    Did you have an account previosuly but want to know why your law firm is no longer listed here, just call our collections department and
    we will gladly tell you why.
Process Servers for New York City:
Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Bronx.
Tel.: 718-277-2968             Fax: 347-295-0244
Tel.: 718-345-0244
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Licensed and bonded process servers for The City of New York. Official Process Server License # 1223225.
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