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If you have not provided us with information about the Respondent, Defendant or recipient of  your papers yet,  please take a few moments
to complete the form named
 Defendant's Information  Even if you do not have a description of the Respondent,  we recommend that you
fill out this  form in order to provide us with additional information that would enable us to effect service of process more efficiently (E.g.
Respondent's addresses and work schedules).

The "Recommended Steps"  listed below are a summary of what you have done so far or what you need to do in order for us to effect
service as soon as possible in an efficient manner.

If you have completed all three steps, you may close your browser now.  Please check your email for our confirmation email and process
service status updates. Process service status updates will be emailed to you only  if there is relevant information to report to you: service
effected, wrong address, access problems, affidavit of service ready, etc.

Service of process is usually completed within 2-5 business day. After completion we will issue the corresponding affidavit of service.

If you have questions or if you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the email address and telephone number
provided below.

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